Shining a Light on Young Women in STEM

SHINE Inspire Achieve Belong Inc. (SHINE) in collaboration with STEAM Engine Global are hosting a two-day STEAMpunk Adventures workshop at Champion Bay Senior High School, on Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th September 2021.

SHINE is a long-standing complementary education program targeting young women at risk of disengaging from the mainstream education system in the Midwest.

“SHINE creates a safe haven within the school for the girls, with our programs aiming to build everlasting confidence, respect and connection to support them to thrive beyond their schooling years.” SHINE CEO, Rebecca Millar said.

With support from Inspiring WA’s Regional Grants, students within the SHINE and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs at Champion Bay Senior High School, will be invited to take part in the STEAMpunk Adventures workshop with award-winning thought leader Gry Stene.

The STEAMpunk Adventures workshop will focus on real world issues in our society. After hearing from inspiring women from across the Midwest, students will use technology and props to navigate the issues they are most passionate about, while being supported to create their own solutions

“To solve real-world problems, we need compassion, critical thinking, communication, creativity, a clear focus on quality, the ability to understand the subject matter, and a collaborative mindset. These skills are not encouraged within STEM, but fostered within Arts and Humanities, making the case for STEAM (STEM + Arts). By bringing in skills and experiences from Arts & Humanities into the STEM landscape, we create the STEAM required to power our future.” Gry Stene enthuses.

The Second National Data Report on girls and women in STEM, showed that women made up less than a quarter of students studying STEM at University, and that men with a STEM qualification were 1.8 times more likely to be working in a STEM-qualified occupation compared to their qualified women peers.

Shine students take on STEM workshop
STEAM Engine Global’s thought leader – Gry Stene, facilitator of the STEAMpunk Adventures workshops at Champion Bay Senior High School.

Ms. Millar explained that “for too long there has been a lack of regional female representation in STEM. We have thought provoking and unique conversations about societal issues with the girls we work with every day.”

“These young women are the future of our communities and hold the solutions. This workshop will provide them with the opportunity to be empowered to use their imagination to solve real world problems and be creatively engaged in STEM” Ms. Millar said. Sixty students are expected to attend the workshops over the two days, with their projects being presented at SHINE’s annual presentation evening.

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