SHINE’s Success

“SHINE is often life changing for participants, creating foundations and dealing with underlying obstacles that contribute to young women’s disengagement from the education system and at times, life.”

The SHINE model of learning and development is unique; designed around key strategic fundamentals.  The SHINE program works because:

  • The program is delivered within the girls’ regular school timetable in an on-campus, custom built hairdressing and beauty salon. This provides learning activities that not only appeal to the cohort age group, but which require physical contact.  The benefits of human touch in building trust, as well as decreasing stress and increasing emotional wellbeing, are well researched and documented.
  • SHINE’s key point of difference to other programs available is its demographic. The program seeks to engage with at-risk girls who are 10-16 years of age. This is the demographic that has the most opportunity for personal growth and future impact in changing the path of generations to follow.
  • Students are selected and then invited to apply for a position in the program where they, and where possible, their parent / guardian must demonstrate a commitment to participate.
  • It has been designed to supplement and support the school curriculum by encouraging participants of the SHINE program to attend school classes regularly and demonstrate positive classroom behaviour to maximise learning and growth opportunities.

 “SHINE makes positive and lasting difference to the lives of young women through support and education. In turn, the school community benefits, families benefit and the general community benefits.”

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The program develops a fundamental understanding of principles such as accountability, responsibility, connection, confidence, self-love, trust, structure, respect for oneself and others, communication and the ability to make decisions in their own lives.

Since its inception, the primary outcomes of the SHINE program have been:

  • student re-engagement in the learning process
  • enhanced post-school opportunities
  • positive relationships with other students, teachers and the broader community
  • identification of alternative ways to address issues and events happening in the students’ lives
  • improved health and wellbeing
  • improved school attendance rates.


For a young organisation SHINE has an impressive list of awards, including:

  • Public Health Association – Aboriginal Health Award (2013)
  • National Australia Bank Schools First – State Impact Award (2012)
  • Economic Development Australia. – Indigenous Economic Development Award (2012)
  • National Crime Prevention Award Cert of Merit (2012)
  • Milton Thorne Award for Outstanding School Initiative for Aboriginal Education (2011)


Student A has been involved in SHINE throughout 2017. We have been amazed at the transformation she has made. While all of the department staff knew that Student A had potential, many other issues were getting in the way of this.  In 2016 Student A received 4 suspensions, with most (misdemeanours) being of a physical nature.  She had an attendance rate of 73%. This year with the support of SHINE, she has improved her attendance by 10% to 83% and has had no suspensions.

In contrast (to last year), she has been a positive influence on younger girls and an advocate against violence by splitting up conflicts that have occurred at school.

I have called her father several times to inform him of the positive change that Student A has made this year. She appears much more happy and engaged in all of her classes and has been selected to have more time at SHINE this term to continue the positive influence it has had on her. SHINE truly makes a difference to help girls become young ladies.  (Teacher, 2017)

The SHINE program is something that every young woman needs in their life when they face issues and problems they cannot handle on their own.  For me, SHINE has provided my daughter with somewhere safe to be able to take to someone freely and to be given all the encouragement and love while she was going through the hardest time in her life, If it wasn’t for SHINE I don’t think she would be the young woman she is today and it is because of this empowering program I now have an amazing daughter who shines each and every day.  (Parent, 2016)

When I first came to SHINE I was not in the right place. I have a shit life full of drugs and violence and now I’m happy to come to school loving each and every day and now I’ve got sisters for life.   (Student, 2016)