Media Release – SHINE NAB Award Posted August 29, 2012 by admin


NAB Schools First today announced the SHINE program at John Willcock College as this year’s West Australian State Impact Award winner, receiving $60,000 in funding for its outstanding school-community partnership.

“The SHINE program is an excellent example of how schools and community groups can work together to improve positive student outcomes.” Head of NAB Schools First, Rebecca Sherwill

Whilst the program was started in 2010 with a strategic focus on improved education retention and attendance of the at risk 13 to 15 year old girls in the education system the program has now become so much more. The life skills and values based training model SHINE has created is nothing short of transformational for the young girls. The program develops fundamental understanding of principals such as accountability, responsibly, connection, confidence, self love, trust, structure and the ability to make decisions in their own lives.

Beyond the excellent attendance outcomes SHINE is now building on the global supported principal that girls between the ages 8 to 15 years old are a key element for generational success as they are to become the future leaders and matriarchs that have the greatest ability to break systemic cycles we currently see. With a mission to support, educate and empower young girls with life skills and tools that ensures their future is in their hands. SHINE is based on the belief that true generational change starts with the empowerment of young girls.

Building on the success of the program, the 2012 Nab WA Schools first, 2010 Milton Thorne award for best indigenous program, and finalist in the Economic Development Australia award to be announced in September, SHINE is establishing itself as a Not for Profit organisation with an independent board tasked to make expansion into other regions the state and nationally a reality.

With five new schools within WA having already expressed interest in the program and the junior school in Geraldton ready to roll out SHIMMER and SHINE soon the interest is increasing by the day. The success of the program is underpinned by the commitment that SHINE makes in the community that it operates. The girls volunteer with many groups as acknowledge by the NAB award and additionally to its sponsors, in kind supporters and the general community at large to raise the profile of program and build stronger relationships.

2012 is the year for the SHINE program to really get traction; the independent committee are currently constructing the business and strategic plans to open discussions with interested funding partners. SHINE position will be to offer an opportunity for partners to be involved in this unique award winning program that is sustainable, has demonstrated outcomes and targets a demographic of young at risk girls that few other programs do.

Founder Mandy Jolley said: “Expect our call soon, we want the right partners that are passionate about stronger futures for young girls and the regions they live in”.

For further information on SHINE or partnership opportunities please contact:

SHINE Secretary – Alan Bradley 0429 644 757 or
SHINE Founder and Training Director – Mandy Jolley 0439 215 479 or