Music with a Purpose Posted March 31, 2015 by admin


SHINE students put their song writing and performance skills to the test in workshops with visiting Tiwi Island band B2M.

SHINE participated in interactive music workshops when the band visited Geraldton last week as part of their album launch tour.

Not only did B2M work with the students to develop their own songs, including rap songs, they left the students inspired with their mentoring style, telling them of stories about their way of life and culture back on the Tiwi Islands.

B2M’s inception came from social issues including drug and alcohol abuse in their home communities, finding their purpose through music to inspire others and get their community on track to making positive life choices – shining through in the way the band interacted with the students and their own music.

The SHINE program was given a special experience when they were brought backstage before the show for their workshop. The girls shared stories and heard firsthand about the hardships that had brought the band together, before having a song dedicated to them at the show.

The band performed live on Thursday evening at the Queens Park Theatre to an enthusiastic and energetic crowd, showing clips from their time back at the Tiwi Islands and performing an array of songs off their debut album.

Geraldton was one of the last stops for B2M before heading back home, and the band said this was one of their biggest and most energetic crowds yet.

Music with a Purpose