School Partnerships

Working Together

At a school’s request, SHINE will work with the school community to establish a SHINE program.  Once a number of conditions have been met, SHINE and the school enter into a formal partnership in order to work together to deliver effective outcomes for SHINE students, in the most inclusive and efficent way.

Positive education partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships that extend beyond what schools and organisations like SHINE can accomplish in isolation.  These partnerships provide opportunities for students to:

  • achieve improved attendance and learning
  • enhance engagement, wellbeing and development
  • contribute to successful transitions.

SHINE operates from a purpose-built facility to provide a learning environment that is exciting for students in which to learn, evokes a sense of pride and ownership amongst the students and facilitates the delivery of vocational and life skills.  A custom-built hairdressing and beauty salon is the nucleus of the program, which provides an appealing environment for the SHINE cohort, also providing an environment that promote and encourage the themes of self-reflection, self-improvement.  The learning activities also often require physical contact, an integral part of the SHINE program’s success.  The benefits of human touch in building trust , decreasing stress and increasing emotional well being are well documented.  As trust is developed and students disclose challenges faced in their everyday lives, the program facilitator provides confidential assistance and connects students with suitable program partners who can provide qualified external help.

Students participate in the formal learning program one day a week. While the students forego regular school classes on this day, they have typically been placed in the SHINE program because they already have low attendance rates and/or have been unable to engage successfully in the classroom for a variety of reasons.

While students relinquish some traditional class time to participate in the SHINE program, it is recognised by the school, families and SHINE that learning is not limited to the school classroom and that the overall benefits to the student and the school far outweigh any small academic sacrifices.

SHINE students are strongly encouraged to attend school regularly if they are to be part of the SHINE program.  When the school believes the student is no longer at risk of disengaging from school and is attending classes regularly, that student can exit the formal SHINE program at any time.

However, once a SHINE student, always a SHINE student and SHINE continues to offer a haven to SHINE girls before school hours, after school hours and during school breaks.  SHINE also provides support to SHINE students after they have completed school and are transitioning to the workplace.

SHINE currently works in collaboration with three Western Australian regional schools:  Champion Bay Senior High School, Rangeway Primary School and Mt Magnet District High School.

SHINE has delivered programs at Geraldton Senior College (2016-2019) and Northampton District High School (2018-2019) and run a pilot program with Allendale Primary School.