Champion Bay Senior High School Shines

“From day one, SHINE has provided an intensive pastoral care model for the students in the program.  SHINE is an accepted part of the school timetable, with the teachers and the SHINE facilitator working together for the students. What makes the SHINE program so successful are the purpose built facilities (the SHINE room), an education program that has integrity and meets the needs of the students, and the right person in charge.  The SHINE program is about developing the potential of young women who will hopefully be the strength of the community in the future.”

Julie Campbell – Principal, Champion Bay Senior High School

Champion Bay Senior High School is located in the City of Greater Geraldton, Western Australia. It comprises approximately eight hundred students in Years Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven. It is a multicultural environment with a diverse range of students from Geraldton and the Mid-West.

The school provides a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment, where students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and values that empower them to realise their potential, become responsible, productive members of society and continue learning throughout their lives. Together both students and staff share educational and personal goals in an environment that believes in respect, understanding, trust and co-operation. The school supports values that encourage lifelong learning, achievement of potential and excellence and has a long history with the SHINE program.

First established at John Willcock College (now Champion Bay Senior High School) in 2010, the program helped to facilitate the successful transition to Year Ten of some of the school’s Year Nine students.  The success of the program has been the ability to provide targeted support to identified students to enable increased participation in the education process.  At John Willcock College, SHINE is facilitated by Jodie McAuliffe. With years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Jodie wanted to take her skills further and studied Community Services before joining the SHINE team. She is highly skilled in creating a SHINE family and the students learn to trust her quickly. With her ability to be gentle with the girls while also setting healthy and appropriate boundaries, Jodie has been successful in growing and maintaining regular attendance with the students.

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