Northampton DHS Shines

 “At Northampton DHS, we want our girls to be proud of themselves and who they are, to have confidence and ambition to succeed. We want them to aspire to a life full of potential and possibility. By introducing the SHINE program to our secondary girls at NDHS, we are supporting our students to believe in themselves and to help them achieve whatever they set their minds to. SHINE provides a unique opportunity for girls to develop strength of character and resilience, skills that are much needed within our fast-paced and complex world. We are so grateful for our girls to be given the opportunity to participate in SHINE. They all love it and we can already see the benefits it offers them in the way that they positively interact with each other and their community.”

Melanie Hancock – Principal, Northampton District High School

Northampton District High School is located in the rural setting of Northampton, 54km north of Geraldton. Providing high quality education for the local community, it caters to children from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Students benefit from having committed and experienced teaching and support staff, many of whom are long-standing members of the community. The school has a principal and deputy principal who share responsibility for the secondary and primary students. There is a full-time registrar and a part-time school officer. The school has an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer who supports the needs of Aboriginal students.

Teaching staff provide a dynamic and varied curriculum that enriches students’ learning and provides a solid foundation for them to achieve their potential.

Northampton SHINE Students, Years 8-10, are bussed to and from Geraldton each Friday to participate in the program at the special purpose SHINE facility at Geraldton Senior College.

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