SHINE Student Employment Outcome: Paige

An Innovative Partnership

The ongoing SHINE partnership with Iluka, a major miner in the area and a SHINE sponsor, has created many and varied opportunities for SHINE students to learn first hand about working in the mining industry.

In 2017, SHINE and Iluka brokered an arrangement where Year 12 SHINE student, Paige, commenced an administrative traineeship in 2018, with Iluka, the employer.  She hopes to progress to analytical laboratory testing with Iluka.  Paige spends one day each week at the SHINE facility at Geraldton Senior High School where she receives ongoing support and mentorship from SHINE facilitator, Mandy Jolley to ensure her traineeship is successful.  She also provides mentoring to SHINE students currently in the program.

This innovative partnership means that Paige is set up for success.

The following article appeared in the Midwest Times, 28 February 2018