Small Steps, Big Gains: Shikaya

In 2014, Shikaya was withdrawn and finding it difficult to speak up for her herself and began following negative influences.

She began making very unhealthy choices for herself and creating a pathway that was possibly going to lead her into trouble. She was choosing to stay home instead of attending school, blaming everyone around her and taking no responsibility for her actions. Her home life was very unstable and she was losing hope.

SHINE Facilitators worked with her one on one and lead her her to identify why she was always feeling sad, angry and depressed.   Her issues were very complex and deep and facilitators discovered that Shikaya had been seriously self-harming for some time, with no one knowing.

After two years of SHINE support and mentoring she was proud to say she was over 12 months’ self-harm free.  Shikaya she became a voice for SHINE by addressing the difficult issues many of the SHINE girls deal with daily.  Her school grades improved and she achieved 93% in school attendance.

With SHINE mentoring, life skills building and encouragement, Shikaya now has a part time job with a major food chain and because of her reliability and attitude, is always the first person Woolworths contacts to do extra shifts.

SHINE is very proud of Shikaya’s success.