Students Shining

Giving Back

A key objective for SHINE students is to give something back to community.

SHINE participants attend the Geraldton Hillcrest residential aged-care facility as part of their regular school activities to develop respectful relations with older people.

Here, participants engage residents through gentle conversation, walking together in sensory gardens, listening to stories and giving hand massages and foot spas. These interactions, through connection and human touch, nurture acceptance and respect amongst students and residents.

Similarly, SHINE participants have also worked with The City of Greater Geraldton to provide community-based mobile workshops with the Council’s youth services.

Other initiatives and events include participation in the Cancer Council’s ‘Shave a Mate’ Day and World’s Greatest Shave, and providing volunteer work at the Sun City Church Soup Kitchen.

If you would like the SHINE students to be involved in your community initiative, please email us at

Students Who Sparkle

All SHINE students are provided with opportunities to be inspired, to achieve and belong.  Many thrive under the mentorship of a SHINE facilitator while being surrounded by the support of their ‘SHINE sisters’.  Here is a small sample of SHINE students to inspire you with their personal stories and how SHINE has changed their lives. (Click on their picture)

Savannah's Story

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