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SHINE supports, educates and empowers young girls with the life skills and tools to ensure their future is in their hands.
- This is the SHINE Mission.

inspire . achieve . belong

Shine GirlsSHINE is a complementary program that educates and empowers young women within a broader school setting.

SHINE works with young women who are at risk of disengaging from the education system and society, negatively impacting their employment and life opportunities into the future.  The students are often experiencing traumatic events in their lives affecting their ability to participate and be supported in a conventional classroom environment.  

SHINE aims to motivate and engage with the students to attend school by offering hands on training in hairdressing and beauty therapy in a safe environment to foster confidence, communication and trust.

Students work in a purpose built hairdressing salon one day a week where they gain vocational skills in customer service, business operation, hairdressing and beauty therapy. Students also participate in life skills workshops to make better informed decisions about their own physical, mental and sexual health and wellbeing.

One of the key criteria for SHINE is that students must maintain high levels of school attendance and positive classroom behaviour in all their school studies if they are to participate in the program.

Students become accountable for their choices and actions both now and into their futures.

SHINING achievements

SHINE was established in 2010 at John Willcock College in Geraldton, Western Australia. Now in its fifth year, over 200 students have completed the program under the guidance of its founder Mandy Jolley and her team.  

The primary outcomes of the SHINE program have been:

  • Improved school attendance rates
  • Students re-engaged in the learning process
  • Enhanced post-school opportunities
  • Positive relationships with other students, teachers and the broader community
  • Different ways of addressing key issues and events happening in the students' lives
  • Improved health and wellbeing

Many SHINE graduates proudly have traineeships, are continuing their studies in hair and beauty or are working in the region. 

With strong support from the state and local government, schools, local businesses and the community, SHINE has been recognised with the following awards:

  • 2013 Public Health Association Aboriginal Health Award
  • 2012 Certificate of Merit from the National Crime Prevention Awards
  • 2012 Economic Development Australia - Indigenous Economic Development Award
  • 2012 NAB State Impact Award
  • 2011 Milton Thorne award for WA Outstanding School Initiative for Aboriginal Student

But the best award SHINE can receive is the success and achievements of its graduates and the appreciation of their families:

"The program works, the program works. I talk about my experiences from SHINE all the time. I'm now studying a Certificate 4 in Community Services. Mandy, you told me in class that I would be an amazing youth worker. Well I'm making that dream happen.”

“I believe that if I was not given the opportunity to do SHINE, I would be a young mum or a bum. SHINE made me want to be something. I am now in my second year hair apprenticeship and I give all the credit to SHINE and Mandy. I one day will give back to Mandy and help others to become successful like me.” 

“You now have had both my girls in SHINE and being a single father, I could not begin to explain how much you have helped me out. My girls just changed. They became more confident, they smiled more and hugged me and told me I'm doing a good job. It's because you are bringing the respect back into their thoughts. Giving them what others can't. My girls love you as a mother and want to someday be a SHINE teacher just like you. All I'm saying is you have given them hope. I could never repay you for that.” 

 “Thank you for all that you have done. My girl was in SHINE two years ago and still talks about SHINE. We all believe she would still be on the couch smoking pot and not caring about anyone or anything. Now she is employed full time and loving life.” 

 “You have saved my girl’s life. My girl told me that when she wanted to take her own life, the first thing she thought of was her SHINE family. She told me SHINE has changed her life”. 


SHINE supports, educates and empowers young women with the life skills and tools to ensure their future is in their hands. 

SHINE is based on the belief that true generational change starts with the empowerment of young women. They are the future leaders and matriarchs.

The students become inspired and in turn inspire others. 



We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors:

SHINE Sponsors
Diamond Sponsor ILUKA Resources
Platinum Sponsors John Willcock CollegeMMG  Mt Gibson Iron
Gold Sponsor Market Creations
Silver Sponsor RDA Midwest GasgoyneRio Tinto
Bronze Sponsors BuswestLavan LegalWBHO Civil

For further information on SHINE partnership opportunities, please contact the Coordinator on 0439 215 476 or email

“We always recommend you come down and see the program and meet the girls for yourself. We want the right partners that are passionate about stronger futures for young women and the regions they live in.”

Mandy Jolley
Founder of SHINE