SHINE supports, educates and empowers young women with the life skills and emotional tools to ensure their future is in their hands.

SHINE collaborates with WA secondary schools and primary schools to actively connect with adolescent female students who are at risk of disengaging from the conventional education system. These girls are at risk of disengaging because of personal disruption to, disconnection from or discontinuity with the school curriculum and the school community.

Built on the premise that true generational change starts with the empowerment of girls, SHINE works with young women to provide them with essential life skills to support their personal education and career development.

The program creates a safe haven for at-risk girls where they can be themselves and become a part of a group of peers who bond through having similar issues.

This multi-faceted life skills program develops a fundamental understanding amongst students of accountability, responsibility, connection, confidence, self-love, trust, structure, respect for oneself and others, communication and the ability to make positive decisions in their own lives.

With the support and guidance of a positive adult mentor, participants learn life and vocational skills, including communication, customer service and an understanding of general employer expectations.

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“I really believe if the SHINE program was not here, my daughter would not be at school. I may not even be seeing my daughter today. SHINE has saved her. That's all I can say. Really, that's the honest truth.” Parent of SHINE student