SHINE Inspire Achieve Belong Inc. is a small, award winning non-government not-for-profit organisation based in Western Australia that has a big impact.

SHINE works with young women (13-16 years old) at risk of exiting the education system and provides them with the essential life skills to support their personal, education and career development. At the core of SHINE is a purpose build hairdressing and beauty salon, where young women learn vocational skills including communication, customer service and an understanding of general employer expectations. Clear options for further education, vocational training, traineeships, apprenticeships and employment in a broad range of fields are explored and supported.

SHINE students broaden their future opportunities, gain personal confidence and develop a positive work ethic. More importantly, SHINE participants receive the guidance of positive adult mentors in a safe environment. Participants are provided with opportunities to be inspired, experience achievement and to gain a sense of belonging.

As trust develops and participants disclose challenges faced in everyday lives, the program facilitator confidentially connects students with program partners who provide qualified external support to deal with underlying obstacles and challenges.

The program has been designed to supplement and support the school curriculum by encouraging participants of the SHINE program to attend school classes regularly and demonstrate positive classroom behaviour to maximise learning and growth opportunities.

The SHINE vision expanded in 2018 with a strong focus on prevention. The new SHIMMER and SHINE program provides support to Year Six students (10-12 years old). It aims to provide these younger girls with strategies to deal with their anxiety as well as building their self-esteem and confidence through powerful workshops. SHIMMER and SHINE students are mentored by Year Nine SHINE students. They will have the opportunity to build familiarity and understand what to expect at high school.

As a charitable organisation, SHINE relies on fundraising, donations, sponsorship and grants to fund its work.