Creating positive learning habits... early on.

We launched our SHIMMER program in 2019, after developing the SHINE program for 10 years. We saw that if we had the opportunity to have an impact earlier, there would be a greater chance of a young empowered girl engaging with education for more years and making a smoother transition into high school.

In the SHIMMER program, we focus on the mental and physical well-being of the girls; healthy, social relationships; as well as managing anxiety and change. The nurturing physical space allows the girls to express themselves and learn about each other in a non-threatening environment. We get to know all the participants well and celebrate each of their personal achievements, from anger management to actually speaking to others.

It is rewarding to see the dramatic change that occurs in the girls in the SHIMMER program after one year. We have seen SHIMMER students speak at events for the first time, something they would previously never have considered. This is the proof of the extent of change in their self-esteem.

Our core values

Shine and Shimmer values


At the start of the program, we seek to inspire the students about what life can be. Through discussion and sharing, program participants start to identify personal traits and get to know themselves and what is important to their own lives. Some may start to identify what individual barriers she faces and start to share.


Throughout the journey of self-exploration, learning about respectful relationships and social skills, participants begin to apply their new knowledge. Every application of learning is celebrated as an achievement towards their own personal goals.


We hold our communities that we deliver SHIMMER and SHINE in at heart. Our Facilitators seek opportunities for the students to volunteer their time as a group to build teamwork and apply their learning in a relevant way. We also invite guest speakers from the community to give us information so the students know how to access help from within their local area.

What we cover

In line with the health area of the Western Australian Curriculum, we offer 200 different activities to choose from. Depending on what the school priorities and what is appropriate content for the students involved, topics may include:

  • protective behaviours
  • wellbeing and resilience
  • healthy and respectful relationships
  • managing emotions
  • cyber safety
  • skills for life
  • resolving conflict
  • self awareness and identity
  • healthy choices, nutrition, mental health and physical activity
  • drug and alcohol awareness
  • inspiring experiences
  • personal goal setting
  • connecting to community and culture
  • learning strategies and support networks
  • sexuality and body changes


We cover these topics in a variety of ways including group discussion, activities, visits to/from community health professionals and excursions.

Our Facilitators

Each school works with a dedicated SHINE Facilitator who supports, educates and empowers the young girls with life skills and tools to achieve our goal of increased wellbeing, resilience and engagement.

Each Facilitator is required to have a qualification in Teaching, equivalent experience or a Diploma in Community Service. We screen our Facilitators to ensure they have a valid Working with Children Check, National Police Clearance and Department of Education’s Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. Our staff is aware of and adheres to Department of Education policy.

Our Facilitators keep in touch with the families and the school to discuss program content and progress.

Could SHINE be a good fit for your school community?

Email us at or phone us on 0447 227 848 to discuss the challenges and trends you are facing and how we might be able to work together to help your students.

Due to a high number of inquiries and a limited number of staff, we are only accepting program inquiries from schools in the Mid West WA who are considering implementing the Shine program.