Welcome to SHINE

SHINE is a complementary education program to support young girls and young women who are at risk of disengaging from the mainstream education system because of personal disruption to, disconnection from or discontinuity with the school curriculum and the school community. SHIMMER is an extension of SHINE that runs in primary schools for Year 6 students.

Built on the premise that true generational change starts with the empowerment of girls, SHINE is a dynamic organisation, incorporated in 2012, that creates a safe haven where girls can be themselves, be inspired, experience achievement and gain a sense of belonging with a group of peers facing similar issues.

With the support and guidance of a positive, trained adult mentor, participants learn vocational skills including communication and customer service as well as gain an understanding of general employer expectations.

The multi-faceted life skills program develops a fundamental understanding amongst students of accountability, responsibility, connection, confidence, self-love, trust, structure, respect for oneself and others, communication and the ability to make decisions in their own lives.

Since its inception, the primary outcomes of the SHINE program have been:

  • improved school attendance rates
  • improved resilience
    student re-engagement in the learning process
  • positive relationships with other students, teachers and the broader community
  • identification of alternative ways to address issues and events happening in the students’ lives
  • enhanced post-school opportunities
    improved health and wellbeing

Our program is designed with a 40-week series of lessons which are linked to the WA curriculum. Lessons include skills development, experiences, community service and incentives tailored to each year’s cohort of students and school needs.

Because SHINE makes a positive and lasting difference to the lives of young women and girls through support and education, the benefits are felt by families, the school and the whole community.

A few statistics - attendance and more

30 %
average school attendance by SHINE participants​
10 %
of participants achieved over 90% attendance

Aboriginal Students in our program have better average school attendance as compared to WA Government regional schools.

30 %
increase in better relationships, feeling connected
30 %
new friendships
50 %
awareness of healthy habits

Jenna Denton - General Manager

We are delighted to welcome Jenna Denton to the SHINE team as our new General Manager. Jenna, who is renowned for her commitment to community services, regional equity, and diversity, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our organisation.

Jenna's experience in advocacy, not for profit, and state government, has established her as a leader who deeply understands the challenges and opportunities for our communities, and in particular, regional women and their families. Her background in youth work, education, and mental health, will be invaluable as we work together to empower and support our SHINE girls.

Jenna is currently the youngest City of Greater Geraldton Councillor, and hopes to use her position in community leadership to inspire and role model self-determination, courage, and diverse opportunities for our young women.

We are excited for Jenna to bring her vision and leadership to SHINE, guiding us to make an even greater impact.

Board Members

Racheal Enkel
Wen-Jun Lee
Stephanie Knox
Cecelia Kelly
Michelle Edwards
Bec Higgins


Our Annual Reports give further detail about our organisation. Download our most recent Annual Reports here:

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